Dragon Martial Arts WA

Dragon Martial Arts WA was Albany's first TaeKwonDo school and was established in 2006.  With over 300 member visits per week, we are a vibrant school, teaching all disciplines of TaeKwonDo, and providing students with opportunities to grow through Tournaments and regular Gradings.

Dragon Programs

Little Dragons Program

The little dragons program is specifically designed for children aged between 4 – 6 years of age. Research shows that at these ages, most children have a short attention span, so the classes are only half an hour long, to maximize learning potential. The program concentrates on teaching general fitness, discipline and self-discipline, awareness training, confidence building, plus skills to help them focus their minds. Basic self-defence and stranger danger skills are also taught. The program has its own belt system with students making their way through the belt levels, helping the child’s confidence to grow over time. The program has a class time slot Monday to Friday 4-4.30, making it easier to fit into parent’s personal timetables.

Childrens Beginner Programs

This program is designed for children aged between 7 – 12 years of age.  Each class is one hour in duration. The classes are designed to help students grade through the first four beginner belt levels (from white belt to green black stripe). These classes are designed to help teach the children the foundations of martial arts skills.  Advancing through the belt levels also teaches the children the fundamentals of short and long-term goal setting.  Also these classes provide fitness, discipline and self-discipline, personal awareness, bully awareness training, confidence building, plus skills to help them focus their minds on the task at hand, whether that be in the gym, at school or at home. The self-defence training gives students confidence, plus lots of options to defend themselves, from just walking away to stopping the attacker. The program has a class time slot from Monday to Friday, making it easier to fit into parents personal timetables.

Childrens Intermediate/ Advanced programs

This program is designed for children aged between 7 – 13 years of age. Each class is one hour in duration, however the intermediate/advanced does have the option of training in beginner and intermediate/advanced classes, making it a two-hour session for extra training. Intermediate/advanced (Int/adv) program is for Blue – Black belts only, and covers the more advanced techniques in the martial arts. Also this program concentrates more on coordination, sparring and the many different types of rules in competitions. As well as strength and flexibility needed to perform the more advanced kicking techniques i.e. jumping, flying kicks, and weapon defence.

Adults Beginner Program

This program is designed for 14 year olds through to senior years of age.  Most young teenagers prefer to come to the adult classes, and with seniors we say as long as you listen to your own body and do what you can do, there is no age limit. The daily classes are one hour in duration and concentrate on fitness, coordination, streetwise self-defence and syllabus training.

Adults Intermediate/ Advanced Program

This program also accepts age groups from 14 years through to senior years of age. It is also one hour in duration, all though some int/adv adults attend beginner and int/adv classes giving them a two-hour training session. The program concentrates more on fitness and flexibility, as well as coordination, sparring, more advanced techniques of self defence i.e. weapon defence and multiple attackers, as well as the int/adv grading syllabus which can be quite challenging and rewarding mentally and physically. This program is for Blue belts up to Black belts only.

Continuous Improvement

We offer each individual student a path to follow, encouraging everyone to further develop their skills and improve their focus and fitness. In your beginner year there are assessments every 3 months.  Students are graded before being accepted into the next level.  After graduating to the next level our students are presented with a Grading Certificate and their next colour Belt and then go through the ceremony of breaking the belt .

The fees for grading and the Certificate and Belt are all covered in your monthly subscription up until Black Belt Exam.

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